Thorne Wyness Architects

Environmental Design Policy

In our work we look for healthy, and environmentally sound solutions to building design and materials specification.Our internal office policies also reflect these concerns.

Sustainable Communities

We look towards designing solutions for communities conducive to supporting issues of ecology, sustainability and quality of physical environment.This would include consideration of provision for relevant local services and the integration of rural work, living and recreation needs.We aim to achieve a minimum of Building Standards - Sustainability Silver / Code for Sustainable Homes 4 or equivalent for our projects

Energy consumption

Having an effect on the depletion of fossil fuels, globally leading to global warming through CO2 emissions, and pollution of the environment from emissions;

Natural Resources and Pollution

Having an effect on depletion of native forests and of finite resources, and on the health of producers and users. (see above regarding fossil fuels).

We pay particular attention to issues concerning use of resources.We see our commitment to historic buildings as part of our policy of sustainability, wherever possible renewing building resources and recycling materials. We aim to make the fullest use of buildings to maintain and sustain resources.

Enhancement of Wellbeing

For building occupiers on completion, through healthy on-site working environment for operatives, and bearing in mind the working conditions in the place of production of materials. This covers paints, use of medium density fibreboards, use of timber treatments including for insect and damp treatment. Manufacture of PVC. Natural ventilation. Natural breathing materials, in respect particularly to conservation work; Lime mortars and renders.

Staff’s attention is drawn especially to the above relevant issues.