Thorne Wyness Architects

What we do...

Thorne Wyness Architects are an award winning, inventive and dynamic architects partnership based on the Isle of Mull and covering the West Coast of Scotland. We are interested in making the most of any situation and we listen carefully to our clients needs, drawing on the specifics of site and location. Our aim is to create sustainable and generous architecture and we are interested in projects of any scale or complexity. We have over 35 years of combined experience across our team in new-build, refurbishment, residential, commercial, retail, and hotel architecture.

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Environmental Design

We can apply low energy principles to all projects and currently have two in-house Certified Passive House designers. We utilise these skills to varying degrees in all of our designs, new-build and refurbishment to create energy saving designs. We are also able to carry out custom PSI calculations and WUFI analysis for our clients, or for other architects and construction professionals.

Please find our Environmental Design Policy here.

USCA Section

The Construction Process

As chartered architects we usually consider projects in terms of the RIAS work stages below. We are able to provide all or a selection of these services and we use the RIAS fee scale to determine our fee. More information for Clients can be found here.